Diabetes Service


We currently have approximately 1200 people with diabetes attending the Services here in the Bon Secours Cork.


Approximately 10% of these have Type 1 diabetes.


Within this latter population up to 10% are managed with Insulin pump therapy. We have a full integrated comprehensive care programme for all aspects of diabetes. No two people with diabetes are identical and it is important that each individual’s specific needs are addressed appropriately. In order to do this we have an experienced Team of healthcare professionals.


These include Diabetes Nurse Specialist, Diabetes Dieticians, Podiatrist, Consultant Ophthalmologist and Consultant Endocrinologist. In addition our Laboratory here provides assessment for all the tests necessary for monitoring of Diabetes and there is easy access to our Cardiovascular Service for our patients when needed.

A key aspect of our Philosophy here in the Diabetes Unit in the Bon Secours Hospital Cork is the importance of the patient empowerment. We feel it is vital that individuals with diabetes have a full understanding of their condition but also the medications they are taking for the condition.


Recently published International guidelines have stressed the importance of an individualised approach to the management of Type 2 diabetes. No two patients are identical and there are a large variety of different types of treatment now available to us for the management of this condition. It takes time and individualised follow up to ensure that each person with Type 2 diabetes is on the right medication regime for them.


A major advantage of our Service is ease of access to Healthcare professionals such as Diabetes Nurse, Endocrinologist etc. and also consistency in the members of staff. It can be very frustrating for people with diabetes to meet a different person everytime they come to clinic and one advantage of our service here is that we can avoid the often unnecessary repetition and spend all the time focusing on ensuring that care is optimised.


This is particularly important also for individuals with Type 1 diabetes and we aim to create and develop an environment whereby patients feel a great degree of trust in and support from the various relevant members of the Diabetes Healthcare team here in the Bon Secours and can get in touch at short notice when any difficulties arise.

Meet the consultant

Dr Eoin O'SullivanMB.BAO

Diabetes and Endocrinology

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