What CDEC offers for thyroid disorders


There is a full multidisciplinary thyroid service available through the Cork Diabetes and Endocrinology Clinic.


If review by Dr. O’Sullivan or Dr. Durkan results in a specific scan being necessary such as a neck ultrasound or technetium scan, these can be organised through the Bon Secours Hospital. Similarly, an ultrasound-guided biopsy for investigation of thyroid nodules can be performed in the x-ray department of the hospital as it is done under ultrasound guidance.


All thyroid nodules and thyroid cancers are discussed at monthly meetings involving the Endocrinologist, Thyroid Surgeon, Radiologist and Pathologist in order to allow a consensus decision be reached regarding optimal ongoing management of each individual case.


Regarding under- and especially over-active thyroid disorders, there is usually a need to measure thyroid blood tests on an intermittent basis until the thyroid function has been successfully stabilised. These bloods can be done in the pathology department of the Bon Secours hospital for a fee of E20.


All that is necessary is to arrive with the correct blood form filled out by Dr. O’Sullivan or Dr. Durkan (which can be posted out to your address) and no appointment is necessary. Alternatively the blood test is done by the GP and the result sent in to the Cork Diabetes and Endocrinology Clinic.


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